We revolutionize learning by making it fun, engaging, and experiential!

A new era of experiential learning.

Immersive Innovation is a revolutionary EdTech provider, pioneering a new era of low cost, low risk, fun and engaging experiential learning.

A new era of experiential learning.

We solve critical business problems and save customers money.

A new era of experiential learning.

About Us

Immersive Innovation is a revolutionary EdTech provider, pioneering a new era of low cost, low risk, fun, and engaging experiential learning.

We solve traditional learning’s most significant challenges, such as lack of engagement, limited real-world application, and knowledge retention challenges. Our immersive simulations allow users to engage with the material, significantly improving knowledge understanding and retention and empowering learners to master the knowledge and skills in a safe low cost environment.

We are a team of technologists and 3D designers leveraging the power of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are pushing the boundaries of learning to a new era of immersive, engaging, VR based experiential learning that simulates real-life scenarios. With technology as our core, we created an integrated platform FNIIXR© that shorten time to market, and enables integration with internal systems. 

The Solution to Business Problems

We help our customers solve challenging business problems such as

Who do we help

We help numerous businesses such as


Workforce Skills
Improve workers skills and productivity.

We provide immersive experiential training allowing users to experience real life scenarios. The participants will be actively involved and fully committed to the training program, ensuring lasting retention of the knowledge exercised. Transform your current training and augment your online training with real-life experiential training. It is engaging, low risk, and low cost.

Education (Grades 9-12 and Post Secondary)
We revolutionize education!

We augment online learning with experiential learning. We make studying fun for students. By creating an immersive, game-like environment, we ensure that students not only engage with complex knowledge but also comprehend it effectively. We help educational institutions in addressing the challenges related to workshop scarcity and the intricate logistics involved in managing industry partnerships.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Improve workplace safety and workers moral, reduce accidents and insurance costs.

We provide immersive experiential training that allows users to experience real life hazards in a safe and controlled environment. They will experience potential dangerous situations through the simulator. This unique approach ensures that users not only gain a better grasp of safety protocols but also enjoy the learning experience.

Career Management
Provide an easy, immersive, and fun way to learn about a vocation or profession.

Our innovative platform empowers students, new graduates, newcomers, job seekers, and individuals in career transition to make informed decisions about their future by offering a hands-on experience of specific vocations. This firsthand exposure enables individuals to make well-informed choices that align with their skills, interests, and aspirations, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling career path.


Simulators: Forklift

Safety: Fall Prevention

Fire Safety

Skilled Trades: Welding

Ready to start

We offer SaaS model

We offer risk free SaaS model, customers will pay per person/per use for each training simulation

FNII Project Methodology

  • Step 1 Strategy: Discovery, Scope Definition, and Project Plan
  • Step 2 Accelerate: Collaborate to produce your VR training simulation using our proprietary platform FNIIXR©
  • Step 3 Enable : HW sourcing and deployment

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